Yorkshire Strike – here’s what we got up to

The aim of the exercise was to teach, practice and allow for all MPC learners to gain enrichment and valuable work experience similar to phase one training. The exercise allowed learners to be taught and practice skills as follows:

  1.           Hygiene in the field.
  2.           Living in the field.
  3.           Moving on foot.
  4.           Awareness, observation, camouflage and concealment.
  5.           Patrol harbours.
  6.           Troops in contact.
  7.           Target acquisition.
  8.           Section battle drills.
  9.           Teambuilding.

Working with the Yorkshire Regiment our Military Preparation Course (MPC) Tutors organised a 4 day, 3 night exercise for all current learners of YH to undertake to gain real life experience of what basic training would look like for them.

Here’s some pictures from the week;

Posted in MPC 19/03/2020