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Here’s what some of our learners have had to say.

"I went through a year at College wondering what I could do next. Do I stay on at College or do I try something different? A friend of mine called Josh told me about the MPC Course and how much it helped him so I came in and had a chat about what the Course involved and how it worked.

I started the MPC Course in September 2015. I was shy and quiet at first, but once I got to know the people on the course they were all like a little family. They were all willing to take anyone in and help with your problems and questions.

When I go into the job I will be with the Queen Alexandria’s Royal Army Nursing Corps. During my training I will go on to a 3-year degree in Nursing at Birmingham University.

I'm really looking forward to the new life I have and to pushing myself to the limits. None of this would have happened if I did not start the Course as a shy 17 year old."

Joanna (aged 17) MPC
MPC Learner - York MPC Centre

Harry was a young man who had big dreams for the Army, he really believed that after basic training he could join the SAS.

When I took on the role of his tutor he had already attended selection for the Army but failed due to his BMI (Body Mass Index).
In the time since Harry has been educated on a one to one basis reference his Military path and his need to lose weight in order to pass selection.
Harry has now decided on a career in the Royal Logistics Corps as an Ammunition Technician, a role he has extensively researched and feels is the best role for him.
He is constantly monitored on his fitness and weight, he has set up his own diet plan under the guidance of his tutor and is well on his way to losing the weight required (4 stone).
In the new year Harry will go back on selection and we are very confident he will pass at a high grade.

Harry MPC Huddersfield

Alice joined the course in early November, when she joined she already had a selection date for the Army.

However she was very nervous and felt under prepared, in the short time she had before going on selection she was given the guidance, knowledge and physical training she needed in order to be confident and fully prepared to pass selection at a high grade.
Alice travelled to Scotland for selection and passed everything, she was given a place in the Army as a Driver in the Royal Logistic Corps.
However she has now requested to go back to the selection centre to try and pass the tests required to join the Royal Engineers. She is now training extremely hard, both physical and mentally with the support of her tutor to make this happen.


Charlotte Holmes joined MPC Barnsley in March 2016 and was the first female on the course.

She wanted to join the army as a combat medic but was rejected due to not having a GCSE in Maths - but was informed one week before her selection date. She then decided to join the Military Police.

The one area which helped her the most was her fitness and strength training that was a main requirement towards gaining entry into the Military police.

One requirement was she had to gain weight. Her YH tutor designed a nutrition plan as well as a training programme. She gained her Functional Skills Maths Level 2.

She attended selection in January 2017 at Glencorse and achieved a High B grade and after re sitting her Barb test scored over 60 which was what she needed to get for the Military police.

She began her Phase 1 training on the 5th June 2017 and completed 14 weeks, she passed out on 22nd September 2017, she has then moved on to her phase 2 where she will learn police law military and civilian as well as other key skills in her role in Hampshire to becoming a Military police officer in the Army.


Jay 16 years old. Previous experience in the cadets but MPC the helped him in areas that he wouldn’t have been able to do alone such as, applying to the Army, being prepared for the interviews and choosing the right job role.

Also achieving his English level 2. He attended Glencorse on 25th July 2016 for his two day selection, where He achieved a pass with a C grade.
He began Phase 1 training at AFC Harrogate on the 25th September 2016 and passed out on the 24th September 2017. he has then recently completed 14 weeks at ITC Catterick. And has recently joined his Battalion 1st battalion Yorkshire regiment.
Jay will be deploying to Afghanistan in the new year 2018

Jay (aged 16)

Joshua came to us from QPD as he felt he wasn’t getting enough from them. He had to wait for his braces to be removed before he could apply for the Royal Marines. So to fill the void he decided to join the reserves.

He has completed Phase 1A + 1B training and had brilliant reports from his training and came away with best at PT and Best Shot from Basic Training.
He has since been away to do his class 4 Armourers course.
Mostly recently he has Passed his Maths Level 1 with us, Been to Austria and has completed his first part of becoming a skiing instructor.

Joshua (aged 19) REME – Armourer

Danny came to use wanting to improve his fitness and gain some military knowledge before he started basic training.

Completed Phase 1 training at ATC Pirbright and during pass off he was awarded
- Best at PT
- Best Recruit
- Best Shot
- Best Drill
- Recruits Recruit
Basically took every award going.

He’s currently finishing his Phase 2 trade training and has received his first posting in February with the Royal Anglians in Cyprus for 2 years.

Danny (aged 18) REME-Vehicle Mechanic

Ethan previously had been involved with the wrong crowd and hadn’t been attending college, he seeked an alternative to mainstream college and found the armed forces was the path he wanted to go.

Ethan joined MPC Middlesbrough after hearing about the Military Preparation course from friends; Ethan took this as an opportunity to make a new Life for himself and better himself he threw himself into the course and made it his aim to get into the army as soon as possible, Ethan soon stood out as one of the key leaders of the course and committed himself to do well both in classroom based activities and physical activities. Since leaving MPC Ethan has just completed his phase one training at AFC Harrogate and is currently going through his phase two training and is hoping to be posted to second battalion the Yorkshire Regiment.

Ethan Phase Two Training - AFC Harrogate

Will Powderly was another Success of MPC He joined MPC Middlesbrough after doing a year of Public services at college which he found it wasn’t for him.

He joined MPC Middlesbrough after being referred by a friend. Will found a new group of friends and felt welcomed by his peers , he had support throughout his application by his tutor due to some issues that arose , however he was successful in his application. While Will was with MPC he struggled with his run time however his peers and tutors supported him to improve so he could reach his end goal. While Will was on the course he participated in various different experiences such as completing Yorkshire warrior, participating in various exercises held both by YH and by the army. Will still has close links with his MPC tutors and friends and has made friends for life while at MPC.


Callan was one of the more refined members of his MPC unit however he was still a crucial part of his centre; he had good bonds with many of the other students and helped support them in whatever way possible.

Callan was extremely involved and dedicated to learning all the information he could to help prepare him for phase one training. Callan worked on his fitness a lot while at MPC and began to participate in a lot more sporting and leisure activities with friends which he made on the course. Callan Left MPC to join the Army Air Corps as an Aircraft Technician something he has been aspiring to do for many years he has since passed out of his phase one training and is currently doing trade training for his role.

Callan Army Air Corps - Trainee Aircraft Technician

Ben Dawkins is another example of how MPC Motivates young people Ben previously hadn’t really wanted to go to further education and decided he would like to join the army.

Ben Joined MPC After being refereed by another student. Ben took to life at MPC which confirmed to him a future career within the military would be the best choice for him. After spending time around the other students and receiving lessons and regular fitness Ben began to develop as a confident young Adult. Ben tried his hardest to get into the next army intake at AFC Harrogate which he made. He joined in September 2017 and passed out of his phase one training in February 2018 and is currently in Phase two training to join the Royal Engineers as an electrician.

Ben Royal Engineers

Ayden was another example of a hardworking MPC Student he was 17 years old while he was a member of the MPC and he still managed to balance a part time job in Sainsbury’s while attending the course daily.

Ayden was a key part of his MPC Unit he came to join MPC after realising stacking shelves was not what he wanted to do in life and he wanted to see the world. Ayden spent a lot of time and effort improving his fitness both inside and outside of his MPC unit. Ayden initially applied for the navy and was deferred due to medical reasons however due to support and evidence from his tutor he successfully appealed the case and has since went on to go to HMS Raleigh and pass out of his phase one training; currently Ayden is in his phase two training where he is learning his trade to become an avionics technician.

Ayden Phase Two Training - Avionics Technician

Brad initially joined his unit wanting to join the army however after a short amount of time he realised he wanted a career within the navy.

Brad joined MPC Straight from school and balanced a part time career whilst attending on a daily basis. Brad was an exemplary student and was extremely keen on sport such as football. Brad regularly competed with other students at sport offered at YH including football, basketball, badminton etc and supported his peers when it came to physical activities such as completing long distance runs and route marches. Brad was an integral member of MPC and shone above other members of his troop throughout basic training he has since passed out of HMS Raleigh and is currently going through phase 2 training to become a Hydrography and Meteorology specialist.

Brad Phase Two Training - Hydrography and Meteorology

Reece Recently Left MPC Middlesbrough to join the Royal engineers as an armourer.

Reece spent about six months with MPC During which time he out shone the rest of the group by always scoring remarkably high on things such as a pfa (Personnel Fitness Assessment) which consists of various fitness activities to measure your level of fitness such as press ups sit ups and a mile and a half to be completed in an allotted time. While on the course Reece spent time away with the army on regimental insight courses as well as going away internally with YH where he got to practice field craft for multiple days and see how life for a soldier in the field is like. Reece left YH in February of 2018 after receiving an A Grade at selection allowing him to get into the army quicker thanks to the preparation MPC gave him.

Reece Armourer - Royal Engineers

Jamie started MPC Northallerton when he was 16 years old. Jamie wanted to join the British Army as a Vehicle Mechanic. Jamie was assisted with his Ice Breaker and Interview Preparation. Jamie also needed to reduce his PFA which was why Jamie joined MPC. Jamie left the course to join army foundation College Harrogate in March 17


Joe was 16 years of age when he started YH Training’s Military Preparation Course. Joe needed to work on his aerobic fitness with the aim of reducing his run time. Joe wanted to start AFC Harrogate March 17 however he did not make the cut of line for that recruitment. However Joe began basic training in September 17. Joe passed English Level 2 with YH Training and increased his level of fitness drastically.

Message received through Facebook from Jackie Scarlett Joe’s Mum.

"Good evening, I'd just like to say thank you for the military preparation course that you have in Northallerton. My son has been attending since last September and is now starting with the army at Harrogate this September. He's grown so much in body and spirit due to the tutors help on the course. He also passed his English while on this course so we're chuffed to bits. Thank you very much again."


Tommy joined MPC August 2016. During this time Tommy gained Functional Skills Level One and Level Two in both Maths and English. Tommy also gained his employability skills Level 1. Tommy joined the Army Reserves at Hartlepool The Royal Logistics Corps as a Postal Courier.

Tommy Postal Courier - The Royal Logistics

Callum Macmillan joined MPC in August 2016 following successful completion of a Pre-Military Course at Nacro. Callum had been deferred due to a injury sustained whilst training. However Callum has since started his phase one training for the Royal Logistic corps.


Jake Robinson started MPC in August 2016 at the same time as his peer Callum. Jake worked on his Confidence, Military Knowledge and Fitness whilst attending YH Training. Jake starts Phase one training for The Yorkshire Regiment.

Jake Phase One Training - The Yorkshire Regiment

I am aspiring to join the Royal Engineers as an Electrician.

When I started the course I was already quite fit however the course has taught me different training techniques such as High Intense Interval Training. The course has vastly improved my military knowledge and confidence. I am now a lot more confident at team tasks and also leading a group. During my time I passed my Level 2 English and also my Level 1 Exercise Studies.
I attended selection in November 2018 and passed with a high A grade.
I will be starting my Phase one training in ATC Pirbright for 14 weeks.
My 1.5mile run time is 09 minutes 08 seconds

Bradley Military Preparation Course Learner - ATC Pirbright

I am aspiring to join the Yorkshire Regiment as an Infantry soldier in the TA.

I joined the Military Preparation Course to improve my fitness and confidence as I was not a confident before. During my time on the course I gained a great deal of knowledge and also improved my fitness drastically.
With the help from my tutor I then felt confident enough to pass selection and have a successful career in the Forces.
I attended Phase Alpha selection in January 2018 and passed with a high A grade. I was awarded an award for most determined recruit.
My 1.5 mile run time is 09 minutes 36 seconds

Craig Infantry Soldier - Yorkshire Regiment

My chosen Regiment I aspire to join is the Royal Artillery. I joined the Military Preparation Course on the 1st August 2017.

I was directed to the course by the Armed Forces careers office in Leeds as at the time I was 5 stone overweight and my BMI was too high.
I worked hard to improve my fitness and with the help and guidance from my tutor, who put together a fitness and diet plan tailored to my needs in order to meet the Army requirements.
Also during my time on course I achieved my level 1 in Exercise studies and Level 2 English. I also passed my Public services levels 1 and 2.
I attended selection on 10th September 2018 and passed with a high A grade.
I began my Phase 1 training at ATC Pirbright for 14 weeks .From there I will then do 14 weeks at ATC Larkhill and achieve my trade training.
I ran my mile and a half at MPC in: 09minutes 42.

Kane Royal Artillery

I have joined the Military Preparation Course as I am aspiring to join the Royal Kings Hussars as a Challenger 2 tank crewmen.

I joined the course because I needed to improve my fitness and military knowledge. I had some medical setbacks due to my vision, however with the help from my tutor who supported me and spoke to the Army on my behalf we got the issue sorted.
During my time on the course I have become a lot more confident and my fitness has improved considerably.
I attended selection in November 2018 and passed with a high A grade. I was the only person to pass selection out of 20 other people.
I will be starting my Phase one training in ATC Winchester for 14 weeks.
My 1.5mile run time is 09 minutes 21seconds

Kyle Phase One Training - ATC Winchester

I joined the Military Preparation Course as i am aspiring to join the Armed Forces and become a Combat Medic.

During my time on course I have learnt so much about military knowledge. Both my confidence and fitness have improved considerably. I feel completely prepared for a career in the military due to attending the course, the guidance and support from my tutor has been fantastic.

I attended selection in January and passed with a high A grade.
I will be starting my Phase one training in ATC Pirbight for 14 weeks.
My 1.5mile run time is 09 minutes 40 seconds

Martyn Phase One Training - ATC Pirbright

"I'm really pleased that all my work has paid off and I’ve received a job offer and have a permanent position at the Doctors' surgery. Over the past year I've gained plenty of knowledge with the help of Annette and at work. I’ve really enjoyed the past year working here, having Annette providing help and gaining my Level 2 apprenticeship. Thank you ."

Lauren Business Administration apprenticeship
Medical Receptionist - Whitby Group Practive

“I started working at YH Training in 2015 as an apprentice in their accounts department. I was working towards my Level 3 in Accountancy and one year later, I completed the qualification and apprenticeship. I’ve now moved on to my Level 4 which I’m now over half way through.

I’m thoroughly enjoying my times working in the office and have made some great friends in the classroom too. I’m looking forward to completing my Level 4 and developing further in my career."

Josh (aged 20) Accountancy apprenticeship
Accounts Assistant - YH Training Services

"I wanted to do an apprenticeship because I wanted future prospects rather than working in a dead end job that was not going to lead anywhere."

Jade (aged 18) Business Administration apprenticeship
Administration Support Assistant - YH Training Services

"I used to work in retail but a friend gave me some good feedback about YH Training Services, so I approached them for help finding an apprenticeship. It turned out the Hull centre was looking to recruit their own apprentice and in September 2016 I joined the team! Day to day I talk to customers, book exams and input learner information. I'm now working towards my Advanced apprenticeship."

Abby (aged 21) Business Administration apprenticeship
Administration Assistant - YH Training Services

"When I left college I was unsure of what I wanted to do and I didn't want to go to University for the sake of going, so instead of applying for University I decide to apply for apprenticeships and I'm happy with that decision."

The Joseph Rowntree Foundation is an independent organisation working to inspire social change through research, policy and practice. Abbi supports the Policy and Research Manager. She looks after her calendar, making travel arrangements, preparing for meetings and offer other administrative support. She's nearly completed her intermediate apprenticeship.

Abbi (aged 19) Business Administration apprenticeship
Policy & Research Support Team Apprentice - The Joseph Rowntree Foundation

"My apprenticeship was a stepping stone. It allowed me to get a qualification in the industry I knew I wanted to build a career in. At the same time, I was able to earn and support myself rather than be burdened by the debts associated with going to University! I’ve already got a better job as a result and I’ll continue to progress in this industry."

Jay joined Practical Networks in September 2013 after doing his A Levels. He knew he wanted to work in IT and thought about University, but everyone he knew seemed to drop out from IT courses. He was also living independently, so it was important for him to earn money and so an apprenticeship was the route for him. With a qualification now under his belt, he’s progressed to be an IT Helpdesk Engineer at the company.

Jay (aged 23) IT apprenticeship
IT Helpdesk Engineer - Practical Networks

Apprenticeship Vacancies

"Working at Practical Networks and doing my apprenticeship is going to give me a qualification that will be a good start for my career and open the door to future opportunities."

Practical Networks is an award-winning IT services company, based in Scarborough, that was established in 2001. The company provides practical, hands-on IT support and services to customers across the UK and is a growing team of 12. Practical Networks understands the value that apprentices bring to their business success.

Daniel joined the business at the start of 2017 after spending his time working as an amateur musician. He offers helpdesk support to customers and spends time installing software on computers. He’s now 9 months into his advanced apprenticeship and already doing his Certified Microsoft exams.

Daniel (aged 20) IT apprenticeship
Helpdesk Support Technician - Practical Networks

"When I first started working at Gear4music I was straight out of school, the world of work was completely new to me and I was very quiet…but I’ve come on so much. I really enjoy what I do and get on well with everyone in the team. I’ve also now nearly completed my apprenticeship and know that once I’ve got my qualification then I’m going to be able to earn more money, which is great."

York-based Gear4music is a leading retailer of musical instruments and music equipment, with over 1.3 million companies registered globally. Apprentices are regularly recruited to train as technicians in the warehouse and Matt joined the business in October 2016 as an apprentice, working in the team that processes returned items. Two years later and he’s due to complete his apprenticeship in warehousing and storage.

Matt (aged 18) Warehousing and Storage apprenticeship
Returns Assistant - Gear4music

"I’m working for our family business and we decided that an apprenticeship was the perfect way to learn from the grassroots up whilst also getting a qualification. I’m just starting out and already learning a lot!"

Jack (aged 18) Business Administration apprenticeship
Sales Assistant - Speciality Cars

"I joined Mr Flyer two years ago and I’ve now very nearly completed my advanced apprenticeship in business administration. I’ve learnt a lot since I joined the business and am looking forward to contributing further to the success of Mr Flyer. It’s a fast-growing business and I enjoy the buzz of working with such a dynamic team."

Jordan (aged 23) Business Administration apprenticeship
HR & Recruitment Manager - Mr Flyer

"I’ve progressed so much since starting my apprenticeship last year after Sixth Form. I work with employers and learners at YH Training Services and it’s such a rewarding job…I love everything that I do as a part of it!

I’m now working towards my advanced apprenticeship and when I’ve completed that I’d really like to become Business Development Advisor for the Hull learning centre and continue to work alongside the amazing team that have helped me to grow so much."

Sophie (aged 18) Business Administration apprenticeship
Business Development Assistant - YH Training Services

"Before leaving school I knew I wanted to work for St Leger Homes and was so pleased to join the team as a Customer Service Advisor. Everything is new but I’m learning fast and know that my apprenticeship is going to help me gain the skills and experience that I need to progress and do well in life."

St Leger Homes provides housing services across Doncaster and manages 21,000 council homes. They aim to provide the highest levels of customer service. Mia-Jayne started working as an apprentice at St Leger Homes as soon as she left school. She works in a busy office, handling enquiries, dealing with customers and providing general support to the team.

Mia-Jane (aged 16) Customer Service apprenticeship
Customer Service Advisor - St Leger Homes

"I enjoy working on the shop floor, dealing with customers and being a part of The Bed Shop team. I’ve learnt so much since I arrived and I’m now averaging £1300 sales a week. Moving into retail and doing an apprenticeship was the right move for me. I’ve soon going to have a qualification as well as lots of experience which is going to help me progress."

Liam started working at The Bed Shop in Pontefract because he wanted to try something completely different to what he had originally gone to college for. That was over a year ago and he’s now almost completed his retail apprenticeship.

Liam (aged 19) Retail apprenticeship
Retail Sales Assistant - The Bed Shop

Jack joined MPC in July 16. Jack joined the course to work on his leadership capabilities and personal fitness. Jack joined the Army in May 2017. Jack has completed Phase 1 training and is currently now completing phase 2 training for The Royal Engineers.


"To be honest I couldn’t quote how much you have helped me and I couldn’t thank you enough as the position I'm in is all down to your support and great work.

I enjoyed working with you for the short period of time that I did. You helped me to gain confidence, not just in myself but enough to go in to a completely new workplace and start an apprenticeship!

When I first came to YH Training I'd just finished my last year at secondary school and didn’t think I'd get anywhere. With your help I'm now on my second month of my customer service apprenticeship at Yorkshire Coast Homes and could not be happier with the position I'm in - earning whilst learning! You provided an excellent service with tonnes of great guidance, tips and help! I am now working towards my level 2 NVQ in Customer Services and it has really helped change my life around!

I would 100% recommend an apprenticeship/pre-apprenticeship to anyone who is wanting to progress"

Pre-apprenticeship learner - YH Training Services

"Thank you for all of the help and advice. I got the interview and I got the job! I couldn’t have done it without your support."

Madhav Pre-apprenticeship learner

I just wanted to send you an email to just say how grateful I am for everything you’ve done for me. In such a short amount of time you have managed to help me and advise me on how to get an apprenticeship, which led to me getting the first one I applied for!

I would not have had the confidence or skills to apply for the apprenticeship if it was not for your guidance. You were so patient with me, not many people are! You always listened especially when I had a problem. I cannot thank you enough.

As for my maths, well I am so very grateful you got me through it. I learned more with you about maths than I probably did in school! My maths has always been a struggle for me and I cannot actually believe I have passed! It is all thanks to your hard work and patience that you had with me.

Please never quit your job because kids need someone like you to help motivate them and help them gain the confidence they need to get a job or apprenticeship. Thank you for everything Simon!

Chloe Apprentice Service Advisor

"I've learnt more during my time with YH Training that I did in all of my time at school. Thank you for all of your support and guidance. I'm looking forward to my future in learning and can’t wait to gain an apprenticeship and join the world of work."

Beth Career Link Learner

"Staff at YH Training have really helped me to become more confident in myself. I'm now happy and confident in making my own decision about my future."

Nathan Career Link Learner

"I fled Kurdistan in 2014 because of ISIS. Over the next 3 years I travelled to various countries and eventually arriving in England.

I've now started Maths and English training with YH Training and have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Prince's Trust Team Programme. I've also made some great friends."

Ardalan (aged 16) Princes Trust
Now studying on other YH Provisions - Princes Trust Learner

"I was just emailing to let you know a few things as you helped me start my career path with the Prince’s Trust"

"I have officially passed my Business Admin Level 2 qualification along with my ICT, and Maths Level 2.

I now have an interview with my Line Manager tomorrow so that I can go full time working as a Receptionist/Administration Assistant with the NHS Hull CCG if all goes well.

I would like to thank you all at the Prince’s Trust for helping me come this far as after I completed the 12 weeks with yourself at YH I then went onto compete the Get Into Healthcare programme.

So I would like to thank you"

Bobbie Business Administration Receptionist/Administration Support - NHS