Walking ‘100 miles’ Home For Christmas

Our Military Preparation Course Learners this year are taking part in 'Walking Home For Christmas' and will be completing their own activities to help raise money for charity.

Walking Home For Christmas is Walking With The Wounded’s annual, nationwide walking challenge to support our work with the NHS – empowering ex-military and their families who are in a downward spiral due to poor mental health to thrive once more.

Over the past six years, thousands of people have done their own, memorable, solo and team walks – to say thank you. They’ve walked home, to a war memorial, to their old barracks, carried a Christmas tree to a friend. All manner of walks, getting out and showing support.

This year we’ve been locked down, but we can get up again, get out, embrace the spirit of Christmas and serve those who served us.

We are hoping to undertake this activity after Dec 2nd – date TBC

The learners will be completing 1500 laps inside the ARC camp covering 100 miles in  2 groups (each group has six learners participating).

In each group there will be 2 learners carrying a stretcher of 50kg in weight and also each learner will be  carrying a bergan of 20kg in weight. The learners will alternate the stretcher carrying.

Of course, the 100 miles is for such a great cause, all help and donations are greatly appreciated. To donate please follow this link – https://www.walkinghomeforchristmas.com/users/michael-thompson-2

On the day, we will be posting our progress on our social media pages so keep your eyes peeled for some very tired MPC recruits!

Posted in MPC 19/11/2020