Staff and Students raise money for Help for Heros.

Staff and students from YH Training Services Ltd - Military PreparationCourse in the North East (Darlington, Sunderland, Middlesbrough and Hartlepool) took part in a static line jump in order to raise money for charity.

On Thursday 3rd of May the staff and students from the North East Military Preparation Courses took part in a solo static line parachute jump to raise money for the charity Help for Hero’s.

The students were due to jump on the Wednesday and spent most of Tuesday training in preparation but adverse weather conditions meant the jump had to be postponed till the Thursday.

The students undertook their training and jumped at Peterlee Skydive Academy, all the staff and students thoroughly enjoyed their experience and some event took part in a second jump!

They managed to raise a wonderful £630.00 for Help for Hero’s and are looking to plan another charity event soon!


Posted in MPC, Uncategorized June 12, 2018