MPC Does Durham Dash

Staff and Students of MPC Middlesbrough, MPC Darlington and MPC Sunderland had the opportunity to volunteer at the annual fun run in the heart of Durham City which has around 1000 participants each year

Durham Dash fell on 13.062018 Staff and Students from across all centres here in the North East played a vital role in the event which lasted around five hours. Both Staff and Students were involved in the volunteering and many of which were used as marshals to direct the children whilst they completed the race and to prevent pedestrians from crossing the course at unsuitable times.

This opportunity has provided the learners with that essential work experience which can be used to enhance their current CV and could potentially lead on to employment opportunities. The learners were able to put back into the community, increase the brand awareness in the North East of England and share their experiences on the Military Preparation Course with the folk of Durham and surrounding areas.

The learners received recognition from the event organisers; Staff and Students were given a t-shirt from the event and were fed and watered by the Durham and Chester-Le-Street School Sport Partnership. The MPC students had the opportunity to brave the 800m incline race from the Market Place to Durham Cathedral.

A member of staff and one of the learners even had the opportunity to get dressed up in costumes to complete a fun run.


Since the event, the learners and staff at MPc received the following letter of thanks,

To The fantastic staff at YH Training Services,

On Friday 15th June the Durham & Chester-le-Street School Sport Partnership held an annual Mini Olympics Sports Event for KS2 pupils across Durham & Chester-le-Street.  In total, 16 primary schools attended the event, a total of 1,200 children took part.  Your students volunteered to assist at the event, and without the help and the support from volunteers/young leaders like them, we could not have run such events, the help was truly invaluable in facilitating the coaching of such large numbers of children.

Many of the sports coaches and primary school staff commented on the professionalism and enthusiasm showed by the students, they acted as excellent ambassadors for YH Training Services.  Events like this simply could not run without this kind of support from volunteers.

King Regards,


Sports Partnership Competitions Manager

Durham & Chester-le-Street School Sport Partnership

Posted in MPC June 19, 2018