MPC Adventure Training

MPC Students from Across the North east have embarked on a two night expedition dubbed exercise wild camp in total eighteen learners from four centres amalgamated into one team across three days.

Learners arrived in the Lake District and immediately were issued with a 24 hour ration packs, learners enjoyed their lunch and proceeded to get straight on with activities; learners on the first day got to go abseiling which was great as many learners previously have previously never had the opportunity to attempt abseiling. Due to the weather we moved on to our camping location which was a cave isolated within the lower hills near Keswick. After learners carried their own kit, rations and water to the caves learners set up their bed space and relaxed around the campfire and took in the views from the location. Learners also benefited from lessons taught in the field for example how to correctly build and maintain a fire, how to conduct proper administration in the field and how to correctly pack a Bergan.

The well-rested learners woke up at 7 the next day and conducted their own personal administration and proceeded to have breakfast and re organise and descend the mountain and return to our transport. Students then had another opportunity to complete abseiling who didn’t do it the previous day.Learnerswent on to to complete water sports on Derwent water which allowed the learners the opportunity to try canoeing, paddle boarding or kayaking. Learners had two hours on the water after a few capsizes and a lot of falling in the learners quite enjoyed the experience and spirits where high as we moved on to going back into the local town where learners enjoyed an hour of free time to grab extra provisions and enjoy the local amenities.

From there we moved on to rhydale hall in Ambleside where we camped on the surrounding grounds. Here students set up bashers and enjoyed their first proper shower in over 24 hours! Students and staff also went swimming in the surrounding waterfalls plunge pools and refreshed in the spring water from the hills. Students also enjoyed a BBQ on site which was a change from the ration packs which they were growing accustom too. The learners once again benefitted from lessons in the field such as how to sterilise water, how to dry kit in the field and how to clean your cooking equipment.

Overall it was a great experience for learners and staff alike; we hope to run similar expeditions in the future, if you are interested in potentially taking part in adventure training and taking on the challenge of joining the Military please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Posted in MPC July 30, 2018