MPC Does 50 Mile Cycle ride

On the 9th July, learners and staff from across MPC North East set off as a squad, on from Coulby Newham on a fifty mile cross country bike ride.

The aim for the first day was to complete the first leg of the bike ride from Coulby to Whitby.

After a few teething issues with the bikes, such as popped tires, the team completed the journey in the time they allotted.

Distance and locations:

Middlesbrough to Whitby – 31.2 miles

Whitby to Scarborough – 19.5 miles

Total – 50.7 miles

Learners enjoyed their downtime and took every opportunity to rest they could. The second day the team set off as a squad once again and made really good time getting into Scarborough in a total of two hours from Whitby.

Learners went to head office to officially complete the ride, and they later got to spend some time in Scarborough town…after relaxing on the beach after all their hard work and effort.

Our learners and staff really enjoyed the experience and it was a great bonding experience for the centres. We’re look forward to completing more challenges in the future!

Michael Wakefield, MPC Hartlepool said: “This was harder at times than I expected, however I also completed a lot more of the ride than I thought I would. It was heaps of fun. In regards to fitness I feel I am further down the road to achieving a good base level.”

Baileigh Russon MPC Middlesbrough said: “I enjoyed the bike ride. I hope to do it again. It was a fun way to exercise. It was good that all the staff fully participated and showed lots of support and encouragement.”

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Posted in MPC July 12, 2018