Military Preparation Course does 20 Mile Walk for Charity

After months of careful planning, reconnaissance and liaison a group of learners and staff took on the task of navigating their way across the North Yorkshire Moors with the purpose of raising money for the Great North Air Ambulance.

The route was broken down into 3 manageable legs, starting on the evening of Thursday 22nd November.

After a detailed brief, kit inspections and some hot food we set of for the village of Osmotherly, the start point of leg 1. This would take us along the well known path of the Cleveland Way for 7.3 miles through the night. Although the path is clearly marked it tested everyone’s map reading skills particularly just after we set off as we strayed off course slightly. This didn’t prove too much of a problem as we navigated ourselves back on track with ease. Luckily the weather was kind enough to us with a little bit of drizzle, just enough to keep us cool as we marched forward at a strong pace.

The low cloud was enough to keep the cold temperature’s at bay as we pushed forward toward Lordstones Country Park and Café, this was where we would stop for the night under our Army issued poncho’s. This gave our learners the chance to practice some Fieldcraft which had already been taught previously on the course. Personal administration had be of a high standard making everyone had a hot meal, rest and more importantly looked after their feet, readying themselves for the remainder of the walk.

After a night of rest and administration it was an early start of 06:30. With everyone up it was time for some more administration, all kit was carefully packed away and a hot breakfast meal was had by all. Another quick kit check and we were ready to set off on the second leg of the walk.

The second leg was only a short one of 3.5 mile but probably the most difficult with 3 decent climbs added for good measure. This tested the Learners especially after a night sleeping under the stars. From Lordstones we followed the Cleveland Way heading East toward Clay Bank. Once again the weather was really kind with some outbreaks of sun and a slight wind. Once at Clay Bank it was obvious a few tired legs and blisters started to make an appearance, no one complained though with everyone keen to head off onto our third and final leg. After a bit of foot admin we did just that, leg 3, the longest and final part of the walk.

The 3rd leg was just over 9 mile and would finish at The Lion Inn on Blakey Ridge.

Although the longest leg of the whole walk it was probably the easiest and for the most part flat, and yet again followed the Cleveland Way. Tiredness and fitness started to play a part, tired legs, a few blisters, added to the effects the cold wind was having showed as a few gaps started to appear in the group. Despite this the learners showed great determination throughout, personal pride and grit wasn’t letting this group fail.  Everyone was eager to keep moving and complete what we had all set out to achieve.

We all pushed on, some having to work harder than others, but everyone pushed forward regardless. With the finish point in sight, morale lifted, the walk was nearly completed and with the conversation switching toward what food we could all have. We completed the walk just after lunchtime, it goes without saying that at this point we all had tired legs and a few more blisters made an appearance.

Overall the walk was a huge success, everyone had completed what some people would find extremely difficult. As well as raising funds for the Great North Air Ambulance, all the learners had the chance to test themselves, practice Fieldcraft and enjoyed a few days out of their own centres.


I would like to thank everyone for their help and assistance during this event, Lordstones Country Park for allowing us to use there facilities, 160 Postal and Courier Squadron Hartlepool and Kate Gillies for admin and vehicle support.


Well done to everyone involved.


Eddie Nicholls. – MPC Tutor




Posted in MPC 20/12/2018