If have any questions about the Military Preparation Course we're here to answer them

How do I join the course?

The enquiry form can be completed on the website and the centre tutor will contact you, alternatively you can ring the tutor directly. You will be asked to visit the centre and take part in an informal interview. Don’t worry – this is just so that we can get to know a little bit about you and we can discuss how we can help and support you.

Do I have to be fit to join the course?

Everything we do at MPC is personal effort. From the fitness testing to circuit training there is no minimum requirement. Our aim is to help you to become fitter and make healthier lifestyle choices to assist you in passing your fitness assessments as part of the selection process when joining.

Do we get paid at the Military Preparation Course?

You may be eligible for bursary assistance. To qualify you must be aged 16-18 or between 19-23 with an EHCP (Education & Health Care Plan) on 31 August 2019 and meet the required residency criteria. The bursary is awarded to enable individuals to attend training with us and will only be paid if attendance and behaviour meets the required standard. There are two types of bursary which are dependent on your personal circumstances and household income and further guidance on this funding can be found at: https://www.gov.uk/16-to-19-education-financial-support-for-students.

Whilst attending the centre, all learners are provided with breakfast and a light lunch.

How long does the course last?

You can spend anything from four months to two years with us. This is dependent on your individual requirements together with the Armed Forces recruitment  process.

How do I know the course is right for me?

You will have had an interview and discussion with the MPC tutor. In most cases you will be able to attend a taster session, where you spend the day with us and see what we do. You will then be offered a conditional place and commence a two week induction.  After this period, and in agreement with the tutor, if MPC is the right path for you, you will be offered a place on the course. If you have decided that the Armed Forces, or our course, is not for you, that is fine but we hope that you will have gained a good insight into what we do and we will assist you in deciding your next steps.

When will I get my uniform?

Following a successful induction period, you will be issued with boots, combat bottoms, belt and two t-shirts. You will have frequent kit inspections and anything you lose you must replace. All kit must be returned to MPC when you leave.

Is the course strict?

You will have the opportunity to decide this for yourself during your induction period. The course is unique and is very different from school or college. At MPC, everyone has the same goal and it is important that rules are adhered to at all times. A tutor learner agreement and parental agreement will be signed by all relevant parties prior to your start date. You are required to uphold your end of the agreement. This is all part of the preparation. If you can follow the rules and procedures on the course, this will set you in good stead for when you start your basic training.

What happens if I get deferred from the military?

If, for whatever reason, you receive a deferral our tutors are on hand to give advice / support and offer guidance with regards to the appeals process.

Many learners have successfully appealed against deferrals and have gone on to begin their careers within the Armed Forces. If, however, the decision cannot be appealed, our tutors will explore other career paths with you and help you to move onto other training or employment.

Do I have to be interested in a military career path in order to join the course?

The course has been designed for those who aspire to join the Armed Forces, however, it is open to those who have a keen interest in outdoor education and would like to learn within this type of environment. This may even open up career options that you haven’t yet come across.

What if I need additional support?

You will receive additional 121 support from the MPC tutor and also the functional skills tutor who works alongside the MPC tutor. This will be discussed with you at the start of the course and support will be planned into your individual learning plan.

Is the course based at the centre?

We have a fleet of three mini buses across the MPC centres and we like to ensure that we do outdoor training on a regular basis.

You could be map reading on the Moors one day to carrying out gruelling battle PT on a beach the next.  You could be visiting a museum or taking part in a 24 hr exercise. We completed a 3 day Yorkshire Strike exercise in March 2020. Have a look at our newsletter.

The curriculum has been designed to give you the best possible learner experience, incorporating all elements of basic training – including the skills you need for your training in the Armed Forces.

What qualifications will I receive?

With our Military Preparation Course, you’ll learn all the valuable skills and disciplines required for the Armed Forces recruitment and enlistment. We also deliver functional skills in maths and English up to Level 2