They have a wealth of knowledge and experience from their own careers in the Armed Forces to share with you.

All of our tutors are dedicated and committed to help you pursue your career in the Armed Forces.

MPC Scarborough – Lee Major

Served for  25 years in the British Army working as a Reconnaissance Soldier for the majority of his career. Lee completed a 2 year “posting” to ATR Winchester where he trained, mentored, inspired young people to reach their full potential in their chosen career path. Lee is now a Reserve soldier with his local Cavalry Unit, A Squadron the Queens Own Yeomanry based in York and performs the “Light Cavalry” role.

Joining the Military Preparation Course has helped me become more confident and everyone was very welcoming when I joined. The environment is very positive and everyone treats each other with respect.  Jack

My tutors have been great, offering me advice and providing me with everything I need to learn. When I first joined MPC I was nervous but that soon went away from my amazing classmates and engaging lessons. I joined MPC to gain my maths and English along with a challenge to improve my fitness and military knowledge. I have accomplished all my starting goals and so much more with the help of my tutors and my ambition to become something greater than myself. – Kieron

MPC Middlesbrough – Anthony Dodds

Currently a serving Reserve Soldier for the past 2 years with the Queens Own Yeomanry Reconnaissance Soldier in the “light cavalry” Role with A Squadron . Anthony has also served 4 years with the Yorkshire Regiment and the RLC for 1 year.

The Military preparation course has benefitted me massively since I started in November 2019; I am in the best physical and mental state of my life! We have completed different exercises since I joined the course for example, Exercise Yorkshire Strike. The exercise was very good for my knowledge of the military lifestyle and how to conduct myself on operation. I also received an award for best student on this exercise, which I am proud of. Due to the Military Preparation Course I feel confident in my ability to pass the assessment centre and begin basic training. – Ryan


MPC York – Mick Thompson

Served for 24 years in the British Army with the Royal Regiment of Fusiliers and the Royal Army Physical Training Corps (RAPTC). Mick served in the First Gulf War 1990 – Iraq twice 2006 and 2008 and Afghanistan in 2010, he is currently in the Army Reserves with the Queens Own Yeomanry as the Regimental Quartermaster Sergeant Major.

This course  has helped me with my self-confidence, my physical fitness and being able to make new friends to me it is just one big family. I would definitely recommend MPC for anybody who would like to join the forces as it gives an insight to what it is like within the army you don’t just do lessons you also put into practice the skills that you have learnt within the lessons to use by going out in the field whether this is for a night or 3 accompanied by any of the other MPC’s around England these will always be fun as you get to make new friends and out your team working skills together even if you argue at the end of the day you always come out learning new skills through the arguments and have made new friends! – Alexandra

MPC Sunderland – Ross Askew

Ross served 10 years with the regular Army serving in Royal Artillery 1st RHA B-Battery and his job role was a level 5 forward observer.  Ross has been on operations in Iraq (OP Telic 10) and served in Afghanistan on OP Herrick 11 (Brigade Reconnaissance Force) and OP Herrick 17, 18, & 19. After Ross left the regular army to pursue a career in teaching, he qualified after 5 years as a PE Teacher. Ross transferred to the Reserve Army after he left the regulars and is currently serving in 101 Royal Artillery, 205 Battery for the last 5 years.

This course has helped me massively; it is a massive eye opener before you join. I feel so much more confident as I know a lot more things about the military. The 4 day Yorkshire Strike exercise, this was a huge eye opener about what basic training will be like. I really enjoyed it. – Josh


MPC Darlington – Lee Smithies

Lee currently a serving reserve soldier for the past two years with the Queens Own Yeomanry as a Reconnaissance soldier in the “light cavalry” role with A Squadron. Lee started his career in the Royal Signals Reserve but they soon after disbanded. Lee then transferred to the 4th Battalion, The Yorkshire Regiment, B Company to which he served for several years. Lee has taken part in multiple overseas deployments in Kenya, Australia, Austria, Canada and Cyprus.

Currently working as a Section Commander with the Army Training Unit North as a Phase 1 Training Instructor.

The course and the tutors have helped me improve my fitness and knowledge of the military to help prepare me for Phase 1 training. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone.  – Jamie

My Tutors have helped me a lot. I am now confident to speak in groups and have passed my maths and English.  I cannot recommend this course enough. I have learnt a lot and they helped me to lose weight and get fit to pass my assessment. Lee was brilliant, always willing to help me. I have made some great friends. Thank you MPC – Isaac

MPC Hull – Steve Webster

Currently a serving Reserve Soldier for the past 25 years with  150 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps. Steve has been deployed to Iraq 2003 for 6 months, Afghanistan in 2006 for 6 months and has been on exercise all over the world  America, Cyprus, Germany, Italy and Gibraltar. He was a sergeant at the Defence School of Transport at Leconfield teaching soldiers how to drive, command and operate  Mastiff and Ridgback armoured fighting vehicles. He is currently an Operations Sergeant at the Squadron Headquarters.

On this course you learn so much about the military and gain knowledge ready for training like when we went to Driffield but more importantly for me , I have learnt a lot about myself which is the main thing in my opinion. This helps me how to be a better team player, communicate with others. The main skills I have learnt from being on the course so far is team building and fitness. – Damien

This course has helped me build up my confidence, my strength and my knowledge.  – Kaitlin

MPC Huddersfield – Shaun Heppinstall

Served for 8 years in the British Army with the Royal Dragoon Guards. Shaun served in Iraq and was deployed to Canada, Poland, Oman, Australia and France. After Phase 1 training he moved into Phase 2 trade training on a  Challenger2 main battle tank. Where he then worked through the positions from driver to commander throughout his career. After leaving the Army he then worked as a ship security officer specifically focussing on anti – piracy in the Indian Ocean and close protection on private yachts.

I have applied to join the Royal Dragoon Guards  and without MPC I wouldn’t have had the confidence in myself to start my application, I have learned how to eat healthily, how to keep myself fit and I even had the chance to see a glimpse of what it would be like in Phase 1 training thanks to MPC and the Yorkshire Rgt on Exercise Yorkshire Strike . – Jack 

MPC Hartlepool – Eddie Nicholls

Served 23 years in the British Army  with the Yorkshire Regiment as an Infantry Soldier. Eddie served in Northern Ireland, Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. As a Corporal he trained recruits at ITC Catterick and as a Colour Sergeant trained individuals on tactical intelligence processes.

This course has helped me massively as MPC has amazing tutors and are there to support you.  They are better than any other college as they will never leave you stuck and talk to us one to one.  The course has helped build my fitness and knowledge as the tutors help you to be the best version of yourself and I believe this is what makes YH Training Hartlepool the best centre and course to be on. – Ronnie


MPC Barnsley

Gary Served for 8 years in the British Army and continues to serve with the Army Reserve (4Yorks) as a Warrant Officer. He served in Iraq (Op Granby 1990) (Op Telic 5. 2005), NI (Op Banner 89,91-92),Bosnia 1998, Afghanistan (Op Herrick15. 2015). He also had deployments in Kenya, Uganda (STTT) Canada, America and Denmark.

I highly recommend the course, if you are wanting to go into the forces. This has given me an invaluable insight. It has been an amazing experience, one that I will never forget. I cannot thank the MPC and its staff enough for making me into the confident woman I now am – Alicia Kilner