In Lockdown…. But we are still here helping our learners join the forces

It’s been a difficult year but since Sept 2020 we have been working hard to ensure that our learners achieve their career aims to join the forces. Here are some of our learners who have left us to start their training

Ethan @MPC Sunderland

I joined the course in Oct 2019 with a view to joining the Army but needed some help with my fitness, confidence and also functional skills.

I enjoyed socialising with other course members and also the physical training.  This training has helped me progress and I got used to being outside my comfort zone. I enjoyed the exercise Yorkshire Warrior and Strike, going on stag and getting used to living outside. I really enjoyed the parachute course and raising money for charity which we did before lockdown luckily.

I have now passed my fitness tests and Army assessment. I know more about the military in general. I am able to give a presentation to a good standard to others and this has increased my self-confidence. I can compete in PT and going head to head with other course members to beat them and win, as when I started I would not have been able to do so.

The MPC course and my tutors have helped me; pass my Army assessments and selection process.  I am at a good level of fitness; I have passed my maths & Eng. L1 qualifications. I am going in to Phase 1 training in the Coldstream Guards on 14/01/2021.  I am now more confident and know exactly what to expect in training and also the regiment.


Jake @MPC Hartlepool

Jake joined in September 2019 with a view to joining the RAF.

What I enjoyed the most whilst on the course was when we went out of centre in our combats and completed different types of moving activities including monkey run, leopard crawl and rolling. However, the entire course was great as it has strengthened my knowledge and skills aiding me for my military career.  I am able to conduct map reading where I will need to get from location to location using a compass and bearings. Furthermore, I am now able to create a range card and know how to instruct a section where an enemy is located which will be needed for sentry duties and patrols.

This course has helped me increase my fitness and knowledge towards the military and my service choice of the RAF. This is by looking at different topics such as NATO Operations, Rank structure of the RAF and how to conduct sentry duties.

I start my basic training on the 8th December 2020 at RAF Halton in Aylesbury in which I complete 10 weeks of Phase 1 training. After Phase 1, I will be relocated to RAF Honington in Burys St Edmunds where I will complete 20 weeks of trade training (Phase 2).


Ethan P @ MPC Sunderland

I joined the course in August 2020, as I wanted to join the Army.

I enjoyed the work environment due to smaller classes and more time with Ross and Steve in order to progress with my qualifications. I enjoyed the military knowledge as I did not know much about the Army when I started. I made new friends who had the same mind-set as me who want to join the military.

I also enjoyed fitness as I improved my technique in press ups and I am now enjoying running.

The course has helped me with Field-craft and to be more independent.  I can now give presentations and I can manage money and budget.

This has helped me for the future as I feel more prepared and more confident for when I start Phase 1 training in the REME in Jan 2021. I managed to achieve the job role I wanted and scored high in the technical selection test

I feel like my self-qualities have improved on the course and I am now more outgoing. The presentation helped improve my confidence and stress tolerance.


Cameron @MPC Huddersfield

I joined the course in Sept 2019 to pursue a career in the Army.

I really enjoyed the week long exercise at Driffield (Yorkshire Strike) as it gave me an insight into what training will be like.

I can now complete all my physical tests in their entirety.  I have also expanded my military knowledge extensively. This has helped me have the physical ability to get into Phase 1 training and also made me more confident of my own abilities and what I can achieve. I feel the MPC course has helped me improve in all aspects and I now feel more confident at starting my military career.

Cameron will now be moving on to start his training for the Royal Marines in Jan 2021


 Chloe@MPC York

I joined the course in Oct 2019 with an aim to join the Army and gain new skills and prepare for Army life.

This course has helped me both physically and mentally for what might be one of the hardest things I have ever done. I have enjoyed going out of centre on trips and taking part in exercises. I now know my CDRILS, Badges of Rank, Drill, First Aid, where the Army are in the world and what it’s like to be out on exercise. In fact everything I needed to know to join the Army and not have any trouble in training. All parts of training are touched on and you will not go to training not knowing or understanding the Military lessons, as you will have done this in Centre.

I was lucky enough to be selected for an  Soldier Development Course (SDC) in Pirbright  and due to my MPC training I received the Best Recruit award which was something I am really proud of.

I am leaving MPC on the 17th January 2021 to start Phase 1 training at Pirbright, to join the Intelligence Corps. I am so grateful to Mick and Julie on the course for all the help and guidance, it really made a difference!  To anybody wanting to join the Army, I would strongly recommend they look at the MPC course as it will really help to shorten the time it takes to get in. Thank you again MPC, see you all after training!


Jack @MPC Huddersfield

Jack joined in Sept 2019 and has worked hard to achieve his goal to join the Army. Throughout Lockdown he remained focused and determined to pass his selection and join the Army.

Jack states that at the start of the course he was not very confident but this has greatly improved. He is able to maintain his fitness and lead a healthy lifestyle from the support and guidance given to him from his Tutor, Shaun.

He has developed his military skills and his confidence and is fully prepared for Phase 1 training which he starts in Dec 2020 at Winchester, joining the Royal Dragoon Guards.

Both Shaun and Martin the MPC Tutors state that Jack has developed and grown over the past year and was a pleasure to teach and support. He will be missed on the course.



Ryan@MPC Middlesbrough

I Joined MPC in Nov 2019 and wanted to join the Army

I enjoyed Exercise Yorkshire Strike in particular, although I’ve loved every minute of my time here at YH Training. My favourite part of Yorkshire Strike was doing the best  I could to lead my team when times were tough and conducting various types of patrols, for example reconnaissance patrol, standing patrols and a CTI patrols (close target reconnaissance)

I am able to display a higher level of fitness than I ever have been able to, with good knowledge on what the benefits are to me and why we exercise. I can lead groups with confidence in my own ability. I have a good knowledge on Army Fitness standards and core values and I can conduct myself on a military exercise with confidence.

This course has helped me discover my potential in and out of the classroom; it has guided me in the right direction to pursue a good career in the British Army and has prepared me physically and mentally for what lies ahead. My knowledge of the military has grown massively alongside my standard of personal fitness. I now know what I need to do to succeed in the career path I’ve chosen thanks to YH.

I leave MPC to join basic training for the British Army at ITC Catterick on 18/10/20 where I will take part in Phase 1 training that will last 14 weeks and Phase 2 which lasts 14 weeks making it 28 weeks in total. On completion of training I will join the 2nd Battalion Yorkshire Regiment.

Kieran @MPC Scarborough

Kieran joined the course in March 2019 and was undecided which Service he wished to join and so initially he concentrated on working towards his English & Maths Lv2 which having worked extremely hard he achieved. While progressing on the course Kieran decided he wanted to become a Gunner in the RAF Regiment.

He soon saw the light and applied for the Army which progressed quickly and he managed an A grade and so was given the opportunity to become a Royal Military Policeman (RMP) which is a great achievement. Kieran completed a number of fundraising activities while on the course for both the local community and national cases.

While in lockdown, Kieran remained positive and continued to work hard both producing work for the course and keeping on top of his fitness which had improved greatly throughout the course as he waited for his start date due to the COVID situation. He finally got a start date and began his Phase One Training in October 2020.

Kieran was always willing to help other learners on the course and became a mentor for some of the newer learners. The staff and learners wish all the best for Kieran as he moves forward in his chosen path and just hope they do not cross when he becomes qualified as an RMP.

Posted in MPC 04/02/2021