From 1st April 2021 all employers must use the 'Digital Apprenticeship Service' when taking on an apprentice or putting existing staff through apprenticeship training.

Here's a few 'how-to' guides on using the apprenticeship service to assist you with setting up your digital account.

When using apprenticeships, either for recruiting new staff or for putting existing staff through training you will need to create an account with the Digital Apprenticeship Service in order to obtain funding, pay for apprenticeship training and assessment costs. You will also be able to use your account to find and save apprenticeships and manage training providers like us.

Before setting up your apprenticeship service account

You’ll need:

  • an email address you have access to
  • the Government Gateway login for your organisation (or you can use the accounts office reference number and employer PAYE scheme reference number if your annual pay bill is less than £3 million)
  • authority to add PAYE schemes to the account
  • authority to accept the employer agreement on behalf of your organisation

You will be asked to:

  • create an account
  • add a PAYE scheme on behalf of your organisation
  • accept the employer agreement with the ESFA

Here’s a few short video’s to explain how to use the apprenticeship service;

1. How to register for an account with the Digital Apprenticeship Service

2. Applying for an incentive payment for hiring a new apprentice

3. Reserving Apprenticeship Funds

If you require further assistance with the Digital Apprenticeship Service, you can contact them directly for help with your account;

You can either:

You can also contact us and we will do our best to help you out with your account.