Charity Challenge – Lands’ End to John O Groats in 24 Hours

The YH Training Services Military Preparation Course Centre's joined fores to complete charity challenge Lands' End to John O Groats in less than 24 hours.

Staff And Students from MPC York, MPC Scarborough, MPC Middlesbrough and MPC Darlington all came together as a unit to complete the distance of lands’ end to john o groats in less than 24 hours which is 1,407km in total.

Another goal was to lift the equivalent weight of a challenger 2 tank which is 62.5 tonnes. Students completed the distance in three different ways by cycling, running and rowing; students and staff worked as one hour completing fitness and two hours resting; staff and students completed both challenges in a time of 13 hours and 57 minutes!

This was not expected by anyone as staff and students believed they would be finishing until the next morning. Great going by our Learners and we hope to complete similar events in the near future!

Thank you for your support – Military Preparation Course York



Posted in MPC 08/08/2018