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Apprenticeships are a great route for entering the word of work and gaining training, skills and experience in the workplace whilst also earning money along the way.

There’s an apprenticeship for every industry and job that a candidate is interested in, and it’s also now possible to progress to a degree-level apprenticeship.


Below are just a few of the questions we’ve answered but if you click to read more, then you’ll see that there are lots of questions about apprenticeships answered right here on our website.

How can an apprentice progress afterwards?

Once an apprentice has finished their apprenticeship, they’ll be a much better position to progress in their career. With an apprenticeship under their belt, they can use this experience to work their way up the career ladder and achieve their ambitions. Apprentices may even decide to progress to embark on a degree-level apprenticeship and continue their learning.

Many apprentices receive a pay rise after completing their apprenticeship.

How do people apply for apprenticeships?

Applying for an apprenticeship is like applying for any other job – and the YH Training team is here to help. With around 11 applications for every apprenticeship, it’s important that candidates do all they can to stand out and the online application is the first place to start.

Why should someone become an apprentice?

Helping people gain all the skills needed to succeed in their career, an apprenticeship gives real insight into a chosen industry – and apprentices get paid!

The key benefits:

  • Gain valuable workplace skills and experience.
  • Work in a real job for a real employer.
  • Paid a salary and have a contract of employment.
  • Achieve an apprenticeship recognised by employers.
  • Get support from colleagues and training organisation.
  • It’s a carer pathway that helps people achieve your goals.
  • It’s something for the CV to show skills, achievements and work experience.

There are more perks. For instance, apprentices are also entitled to a National Union of Students (NUS) Apprentice Extra Card, giving them discounts at more than 120 shops and online sites.

Are there different levels of apprenticeship?

There are different levels of apprenticeships:

  • Intermediate apprenticeship (Level 2) - apprentices gain the equivalent of five GCSEs at grades A-C.
  • Advanced apprenticeship (Level 3) - apprentices gain the equivalent of two A-Levels.
  • Higher apprentices (Level 4-5) – apprentices gain the equivalent of a Foundation Degree.
  • Degree apprenticeship (Levels 6-7) – apprentices gain a degree-level apprenticeship, helping to build the high-level technical skills needed for the jobs of the future.
What makes a good apprentice?

Being an apprentice is the same as working as an employee in a business. There are different skills and attributes that each company will be looking for in candidates which will also be linked to job role. An ability to fit in, as well as personality, will go a long way to determining whether a candidate is right for an apprenticeship vacancy.

Apprenticeships have moved on a lot in the last decade or so. If a candidate has the drive and determination to succeed – and they’d like to earn a wage while working towards a rewarding, lifelong career – they’re likely to be a good apprenticeship candidate.

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92% of apprentices said their career prospects had improved.
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