We have a designated Safeguarding Lead who can be contacted for advice. We also have trained Safeguarding representatives in all of our regions.

Educating learners about the threats from terrorism through the Prevent Duty and promoting British Values throughout their time with us, we believe, are paramount to ensuring they can navigate life in modern Britain and improve their chances of success, personally, socially and vocationally.

We would like to share the wealth of resources that we use to achieve that goal and enable you to explore and share with employees, family members and friends in order for you to understand the topics and issues the learners explore.

You can also access free online training courses and information to further your own understanding of safeguarding topics, mental health awareness and other issues that threaten the safety of young people in modern Britain – such as county lines drug trafficking, modern slavery, cyber bullying and hate crimes.

Further information on our Safeguarding policies, including Equality & Diversity and our Information, Advice and Guidance policy can be found here.

Meet our Safeguarding Representatives

Bex Blakey – North Yorkshire

Andrea Martin – South Yorkshire

Elaine Franks – Military Preparation Centres

Gemma Slater – Hull and Humber Region

Anita Dobson – Designated Safeguarding Lead


Sometimes we all need a little help. It may be about how to access financial support, how to deal with a difficult event in life or how to find support to help a friend or member of your family.

Our local area IAG contact leaflets are given to all of our learners when they start a course with us and all of our staff have access to these, and other local agencies that they can contact to help learners with any range of issues.

Here you can find all of the useful contacts and IAG for your location;

Learner Welfare

We are committed to educating all our learners about all safeguarding and equality and diversity topics that affect all our lives in modern Britain.

Our Learner Welfare guide is given to all parents/carers of learners under 18 and all employers of our apprentices. This guide details the topics we cover around safeguarding, Prevent and equality and diversity. It also contains links to free courses on a range of topics that can be accessed by parents, carers and employers to help them gain a better understanding of the safeguarding education that our  learners access during their time at YH Training

See our Learner Welfare Guide

Citizenship and Personal Development Curriculum

Each month we focus on a different topic and learners take part in workshops, online mini courses or discussions.  All our learners complete Prevent and radicalisation training at the start of their programme and sessions that cover mental health awareness, resilience, religion, digital safety and many others. We also invite guest speakers to our centres or via virtual sessions to talk about internet fraud and scams, basic first aid and exercise and wellbeing

We measure the impact of our advice and guidance through regular ‘learner voice’ surveys and from learners’ feedback on our targeted sessions

Here is some feedback from recent surveys and feedback from our Citizenship and Personal Development sessions

“Today I learned what the definition of an extremist and their beliefs. Learning this today has helped me gain a better understanding of the recent attacks this year e.g. the anti-lockdown march and the attacks on members of the public/police.”

“Before the session on internet fraud and scams I didn’t know about the amount of personal information that can be used to scam or create a fraud to impersonate you.

“It has shown me to be more vigilant with what I’m buying and whom I share my personal details with. I will now look into people that approach me claiming money issues or are giving away free items and need your personal details. The session went well as it informed me of many issues that scams can cause and also the amount of undetected scams as people are either embarrassed or ashamed of their actions. “

“Throughout the course my tutor reminded and tested everyone on British Values and Standards and also Equality and Diversity.”

Read more about our CPDC Here


For more information on Safeguarding, visit  the contact page to find your local centre or get in touch with us on 0800 542 2848 or info@yh-group.co.uk.