1st Battalion Scots Guards return to Catterick Garrison

Members of the Scots Guards Regiment and those on the YH Military Preparation Course based in Darlington in front of the new Boxer wheeled armoured vehicle.

ONE of the Army’s major infantry battalions is coming back to Catterick Garrison and bringing with it one of the force’s latest state of the art weapons, an armoured vehicle that can be used anywhere in the world

1st Battalion Scots Guards are often seen in their ceremonial role in the red tunics and bearskin hats standing outside Buckingham Palace but they are also at the forefront of the army’s mechanised infantry, launched into the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan in the past 15 years.

Members of the Scots Guars Regiment and those on the YH Military preparation course based in darlington in front of the new Boxer wheeled armoured vehicle Picture: SARAH CALDECOTT    The Northern Echo: The new Boxer wheeled armoured vehicle. Picture: SARAH CALDECOTT

Youngsters from Darlington Military Preparation Centre who are working towards joining the Armed Forces were invited to see the new Boxer when it was brought to Catterick this week.

One 17 year old said: “You can see why the troops are keen on coming back here I would rather be at Catterick than Aldershot. I am not sure if I want to join the Scots Guards yet but if we get to use the new Boxer that’s an added attraction, only if you can be the gunner though, that’s what everyone wants to do.”

The Army is getting 500 Boxers – 27 have so far been produced in Germany with the rest being made in the UK

Posted in MPC 09/01/2020