The 12 worst things you can say and do in a job interview.

Job interviews are always scary for most people, BUT, do you really know what you really should or shouldn't be doing in an interview?

6 of the WORST things to say in an interview

  1. “I don’t know” – In an interview you will always be asked questions, you need to ensure you are prepared for an interview and have answers ready. And if you don’t know, show that you can gather further information and insight by researching or asking other experts – this will show that you can problem solve and adds value to your conversation.
  2. “How much is the salary?” or “What will i be paid?” – Save this conversation until the job has been offered, too much emphasis in the interview on ‘What is in it for you’ will not leave a favourable position.
  3. “Tell me about your company” – this is the No.1 job for getting yourself prepared for your interview, researching the company! you should be able to attend the interview with basic information about the company, a Google search should help you do this.
  4. “I worked for a horrible company(or boss)” – This is not the time to moan about your previous employment, this time is to showcase YOU and YOUR skills, don’t bring negativity to the conversation.
  5. “I’m not sure i have the skills or experience” – It’s the interviewers job to determine  if you have the right skills and experience for the position, focus on what you can do for the company.
  6. “Nope. I don’t have any questions” – You should always have questions at the end of an interview, this shows that you have an interest in the position and in the company. When you do your research on the company, write down a couple of questions you’d like to ask about the position or the company.

6 WORST things to do in an interview

  1. Arrive Late – There’s virtually no excuse for arriving late to your interview, first impressions are critical – don’t let the interviewer make assumptions about your abilities by arriving late.
  2. Wear inappropriate clothing – Even though many workplaces are casual, you should always dress professionally, it’s better to be over dressed than under dressed.
  3. Use poor body language – Slouching and not making eye contact is unacceptable during a interview. Lean forward and look engaged and focus on the interviewers questions.
  4. Answer your phone or a text – Your phone should be turned off. There are NO acceptable reasons to have your phone on during an interview.
  5. Be negative – Aim for a neutral or positive demeanour during the interview. the interviewer is also trying to assess whether you will fit in with the team.
  6. Lie – If you need to fake your credentials or lie during the interview to get the job, do yourself a favour and don’t accept the job that isn’t right for you – there will be a time where you will need to rely on your qualifications.

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