Jack said “Within weeks of joining YH, they got me a job interview at TowOne Trailers where I was successful and I’m now undertaking an Apprenticeship. Thanks to YH I’ve got full time employment; I’m earning a wage (which is great) and learning new skills (even better!). I’m getting fantastic support and training from both my employer and YH and am progressing really well through the qualification. Once I’ve finished my Apprenticeship, I’m going to do more qualifications with YH, build on the skills I am learning now, then this won’t be a job with training it’ll be a career!

Jack’s Manager, Glynne Raleigh said “After meeting and interviewing Jack we could see the potential in him as an employee so we took him on as an Apprentice and he’s been with us for nearly 6 months now. He fits in well will the rest of the team and we’ve been very impressed with his performance and his ability to pick up new skills and knowledge which is being greatly assisted by him undertaking his Apprenticeship. As a small employer Jack’s ability to take on a variety of roles has been very beneficial to us.”