Jack joined the Military Preparation Course in Middlesbrough on 24th November 2015 after being medically discharged from the Army during basic training due to injury. Upon joining the course his aim was to improve his fitness levels and appeal against the medical decision.

When Jack joined he was very quiet and lacked self-confidence, especially during group activities. He found it quite difficult to speak up and would tend to blend in to the background. Improving Jack’s self-confidence and public speaking along with his fitness levels became the main focus of the course for Jack. This was achieved through presentations, snap chats and helping Jack to become more involved in group activities.

Due to waiting for a considerable amount of time for the outcome of his medical appeal Jack has now successfully acquired a job with Camp America for the summer period. His job role as a Counsellor is to supervise the campers, organise and join in with activities and make each day more fun that the one before! For an individual who once struggled with their two minute ice breaker this is a huge achievement and highlights just how far Jack has come.

From everyone at MPC Middlesbrough we wish Jack all the best and hope you enjoy every minute of your time in Camp America.