Management Levels 3 and 5

The Management Level 3 (Advanced) and Level 5 (Higher) Apprenticeship has been developed to support those working as first line managers, section managers, assistant managers, trainee managers, senior supervisors, and those working in a range of other management positions. It will develop the skills and knowledge of managers who are responsible for managing a team to achieve targets and planned outputs.

Who will benefit?

The Level 3 (Advanced)is designed for those who are entering a management role, those who manage a team and are responsible for its performance and middle managers who have a wider managerial role, which could include recruitment and budgetary responsibilities.

The Level 5 (Higher) will allow practising or potential senior managers to develop themselves through gaining knowledge, skills and understanding related to today’s senior leadership and management practices.

Outcomes and Progression


The Management Qualification will benefit both the business and employees by enabling them to meet many objectives; listed below are just a few examples:

Level 3 (Advanced)

  • Set objectives and provide support for team members; plan, allocate and monitor the work of a team.
  • Supporting organisational objectives through a wide range of functions, including: monitoring work, giving feedback, briefing teams, supporting team members, resolving problems, procuring supplies, project management and delivering and improving customer service.
  • Develop skills to include planning, allocating and monitoring the work of a team, supporting team members, managing conflict, resolving problems, project management, agreeing budgets and managing customer service.

Level 5 (Higher) :

  • Develop a strategic business plan.
  • Develop strategic direction and leadership.
  • Lead change in an organisation.

This is just a very small example of the outcomes, which can improve the skills of the employees and the profitability of the business.  When you sit down with our trainer and discuss your requirements in more detail, they will be able to give you a better understanding of the outcomes that can be delivered.


On completion of your qualification your trainer will discuss any opportunities for progression onto further qualifications.