Introduction to Military Skills & Uniformed Services

Who is it suitable for?

MPC (Military Preparation Course) offers non regulated provision of Military Skills and an Introduction to Uniformed Services at Levels 1 and 2 to help you to develop essential military skills you will need to be a successful recruit.   The course runs in each of our MPC centres and is delivered over the course of 12-52 weeks to really develop skills, knowledge and understanding.

  • Drill, Parade, Command Tasks, Section Attack, Battle PT, Orienteering, Camp Craft and other military skills– be familiar with a range of processes and exercises used within HM Forces. Understand the importance of good communication skills, Health &Safety, Target setting and efficiency.
  • Fundraising and community work – understand and develop skills in a range of settings, to learn about the wider cause, history and legacy, community pay back and team work.
  • Essential fitness, health and wellbeing – devise, carry out and improve a variety of personal and group fitness plans so that you meet the rigorous standards expected by HM Forces
  • Work in a professional environment – this will help you understand how efficient working practices, core values, team building, communication and personal development will you in your chosen military career.

Who will benefit?

This has been developed and is delivered by ex- Military personnel for young people aged 16-18 who are looking to join HM Forces, in partnership with Military recruiters, fitness instructors and representatives of the Tri-Services.

The course will help increase your employability and confidence and will help you gain a new set of skills and levels of fitness that will make you stand out at selection and in any basic training.

Outcomes and Progression


Internal Certification of Achievement


Enlistment into The British Army, Royal Navy or Royal Air Force or any other employment or educational setting as appropriate to the young person’s ambitions.