Functional Skills Maths and English, Entry Level 1 up to Level 2

Functional Skills provide people with all the necessary tools and abilities to take an active role in their community, everyday life, education and the workplace.
The aims of these qualifications are to:
1. Provide people with the underpinning knowledge to achieve mastery of Functional Skills in all the subject areas of Maths and English.
2. Allow people to then transfer these skills and apply them appropriately in a variety of real-life situations. This is what makes them functional.

  • Entry Level 3 is where the level of skills required to the problems will be straightforward with tutor guidance and support available.
  • Level 1 is where the skills required are more precise and require a greater level of judgement to find an appropriate solution, guidance is provided but learners should be able to find problem solving solutions independently.
  • Level 2 is where choices must be made independently and evaluated but guidance can be provided.

A Level 2 is equivalent to GCSE grades A-C

Who would benefit? 

These qualifications have been developed for the widest range of learners possible both young people and adults, for those who are pre-employment or between jobs.  They are available to ANYONE who has not achieved GCSE A*-C grades or equivalent in Maths and English  and are FREE of charge.

Outcomes and progression

By undertaking and achieving these qualifications you will be opening more doors for employment opportunities.  These are one of the key qualifications employers are looking for in applicants for their positions.