Digital Skills, Basic IT Entry Level 3

Who is it suitable for?

This course is perfect for those who are not sure of how to use modern technology, especially for job searching and self-marketing. It is also ideal for people new to technology and is perfect for gaining skills and confidence when using devices.

You will need to complete all 7 units to complete the qualification

  1. Computer Basics
  • Be able to identify and use key components of a computer.
  • Understand key components of an operating system.
  • Be able to identify and use a software application
  1. Online Basics
  • Use an online IT system to meet needs
  • Search for and use internet-based information
  • Use e-mail to communicate and exchange information
  1. Audio and Video Software
  • Use audio and/or video hardware and software to capture sequences
  • Use audio and/or video software tools to edit sequences
  • Play and present audio and/or video sequences
  1. Digital Photography
  • Use a device to capture digital images
  • Use appropriate software to edit and organise digital photographs
  1. Digital Music
  • Use a music player device to play digital music
  • Use appropriate software to play digital music
  • Use appropriate tools to organise a digital music collection
  1. Social Networking
  • Understand what social networking is and the associated risks and benefits
  • Create and maintain a social networking profile
  • Use a social network to communicate with others
  1. Digital Media
  • Store and manage digital media files
  • Share digital media files with others

Who would benefit?

People looking to gain employment in a wide range of office-based roles, whether new to IT or those with some experience. It has been developed for the widest range of learners both young people and adults, and for those who are pre-employment or between jobs. The course will help increase your employability and confidence and will help you gain a new set of skills and understanding within IT.

It is currently FREE for anyone who is unemployed.

Outcomes and Progression

On completion of the qualiication there is the potential to progress onto the Level 1 ECDL where suitable