Customer Service Levels 2 and 3

The Customer Service Level 2 (Intermediate) and Level 3 (Advanced) Apprenticeships respond to the employers need for high levels of customer service skills within a wide range of organisations. Customer service skills are transferable across sectors and can be applied to many job roles.

Who would benefit?

Everyone who is new to the customer service role or has recently been promoted will benefit. Both levels of qualification are relevant in any customer service environment, including; Customer Service Trainees, Assistants and Representatives/Agents. Level 3 (Advanced) Apprentices may be Customer Relationship Managers, Coordinators and Team Leaders.

Outcomes and Progression


  • Adapt behaviour to give a good customer service impression.
  • Identify specific needs through effective questioning and listening.
  • Communicate effectively using customer service language.
  • Promote additional services or products to customers.
  • Plan and make calls to customers in a way that contributes positively to the organisations customer service.
  • Recognise and deal with customer queries, requests and problems.
  • Deal directly with difficult customers and try to reach a resolution that satisfies everybody or at least reduces the risk of dissatisfaction.
  • Develop customer relationships.
  • Process customer service complaints.
  • Monitor and solve customer service problems.
  • Support customers using on-line customer services.

This is just a very small example of the outcomes available, when you sit down with our trainer and discuss your requirements in more detail, they will be able to give you a better understanding of the outcomes that can be delivered.


On completion of the qualification, the trainer will discuss any opportunities for progression onto further qualifications.