On Friday the 17th of July 2015, Brian Coward, of SWC Trade Frames Limited  of Scarborough received the  IT Outstanding Achievement Apprentice Award from the Mayor  of Scarborough, Cllr  Tom Fox.

Michael Moore, Line Manager for Brian wrote in his nomination”Brian has completed many significant projects at SWC, all of which are increasing in complexity as his capabilities improve.  These projects have a significant impact on the development of our business, and having Brian contributing has speeded up the development process within SWC.

When Brian joined us, he had a good, sound basic knowledge of computing and what computers can do, but without experience in a corporate environment was initially unprepared for how different the expectations were for running a server based system and how the need for consistency in the solutions provided were.

Brian is highly regarded by both the management team and his colleagues due to the way he helps, explains and solves their issues of the day.

To have an apprentice progress at the rate Brian has is a testament to how much effort he has put in to his learning.  He was fast-tracked through the Level 3 modules due to the speed of his progress by his tutor.

We are about to embark on a significant project where Brian is taking the lead role.  This is to create a CRM system that will integrate into our current systems and provide accurate information to the whole management team.  To be in a position to take on a project like this, and for me to have the confidence in the safety of such a project speaks volumes for how an apprentice can, within 12 months be entrusted with such an important role.

Brian has a strong future at SWC which is solely down to the hard work he has put in and the progress he has made through his apprenticeship.

Brian now supports over 25 users with varying expectations and ensures that their needs are balanced within the constraints of the systems provided for them.  He also creates solutions for the various teams within the organisation that are centralised and are entirely integrated.  This development in Brian has been substantial as the knowledge of home computing did not prepare him for creating integrated systems.  Brian has worked hard to learn how to integrate many areas of the business using a bespoke centralised system that has been created in the business to allow future projects to integrate with each other.

Without this development in Brian’s ability in a very short space of time, the business would not have many of the systems it now benefits from and I would not have the ability to trust the development of a solution to my eventual successor in systems development.  Brian has already proven that this will be within his capability over time.”

What an excellent testament to an Oustanding employee.  Congratulations Brian!