Chris White, 19, passed selection for the Armed Forces at York’s Army Career Office with one of the highest  grades seen in their history.

He achievement was also celebrated by YH  as Chris had studied on their Military Preparation Course.  It wasn’t an easy ride for Chris, after dropping out of college and being involved in minor criminal activity he desperately wanted to get back on track to get into the Armed Forces.

He dedicated himself to turning round his fortunes, integrating himself with like-minded peers, improving his maths and English skills while undertaking physical fitness and Uniformed Services.

Having achieved everything required of him on his course, while waiting for his selection date, his leadership and mentoring skills were further rewarded when the MPC team offered him short term work, supporting other young people wanting to get into the Armed Forces.

WO2 Army Careers advisor D C Lawson from York Army Careers Centre in Micklegate, added: “The Military Preparation Course, currently running in both York and Scarborough by ex-military personnel, helps to prepare, nurture and develop individuals into quality applicants that predominantly ensure a smooth transition through the Army process into the British Army.”

Chris’s tutor Mick Thompson said: “Chris was unique. We have successfully helped over twenty young people into the Armed Forces in the last year through MPC, however none have travelled the distance Chris has. It was his quiet reflection that allowed him to take control of his future and in turn this meant he fully embraced the M.P.C. provision. He never gave in, he never made excuses and he always looked forward.  “This drive to be a good role model for his peers and his own family has put him where he is today and he fully deserves his A grade. “The biggest achievement for our team was seeing him walk out of our door for basic training, an improved and focused version of the young man we first met”

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